Rembrandt Open Mixed Doubles Tournament
Rembrandt Open Mixed Doubles Tournament
REMBRANDT MIXED DOUBLES OPEN TOURNAMENT is taking place again at LUNESDALE LAWN TENNIS CLUB on Saturday 2 July (if it is wet then the tournament will be re-scheduled to Sunday 3 July or to a later date)

Open to mixed doubles couples from clubs in the Lancaster and District Tennis League. Closing date for entries is Friday 24 June 2016

The entry fee per couple is £10 – payable on the day of the tournament   The start time and format of the tournament will be decided soon after the closing date for entries – all participants will receive e-mail notification of the start time and format (likely to be group matches followed by semi-finals and final)

The winning couple will be presented with the Rembrandt Trophy which they may keep for one year. The winning couple will also receive a cash prize of £80 which they may, either collectively or individually, convert to full single membership of LLTC for the year 2017-2018

The second place couple will receive a cash prize of £40, the couple who win the play-off match for third place willreceive a cash prize of £20, and the losers of the play-off match will receive a cash prize of £10

Entries by e-mail to or by phoning on 07447 936939 (please mention Lancaster Tennis Club in the entry email).


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