Plea to the LTA
Plea to the LTA
Following Andy Murray's criticism of the LTA, new Club member Marcus Mosey has sent this email to the LTA. Comments from members on our facebook page are very welcome:

" Dear LTA,

My name is Marcus, I am a 43 year-old minister in Lancaster.

I am writing to hi-light and support the concerns that the history-making Davis Cup team have recently raised. I do not know how justified all of their criticisms are, but for years I have wondered how such a great ball sports nation, hosting the pinnacle event of the tennis calendar, can produce such a paucity of talent. Having lived in Germany and seen the infrastructure for tennis there, our encouragement of youngsters and all ages into the sport pails in comparison.

I started playing years ago at the local park courts in Sandwell, West Midlands. Over the years the shale courts became dilapidated through vandalism and neglect, so my friends and I had to catch a bus to play on some newer park courts in Dudley. I was a promising player, as was my friend, Peter, but we had no real opportunity to develop our talent. Twenty plus years ago, there was often a queue to play during summer, the three courts being insufficient for the demand. Even in an economically deprived area.

I was fortunate enough to go to grammar sixth form and university and had some access to courts and a little coaching, but I do wonder what might have been if there was more encouragement and resourcing for me early on in my life.

Today I read and hear about lack of investment and wrongly-appropriated investment (£40 million into an under-used White Elephant of a national tennis centre) on the part of the LTA. I would urge you, listen to the best players we have, the Murray brothers et al. They seem to be diagnosing the problem well, and are advocating for change. Whilst they may not have all the answers for the future, they are calling for a change of approach which makes this wonderful game accessible and enjoyable for greater swathes of the population, specifically children and young people. More courts, please. more indoor courts, please. Our closest ones are over half an hour southwards down the M6.  More coaches, please. And more funding for coaches and clubs that are already in existence. You have the money!

I am fortunate to be a new member at Lancaster Tennis Club. They have just had their three AstroTurf courts beautifully resurfaced after 30 years! Why such a long wait? No funding. I do not know all of the details of sponsorship, other than Sport England have given a grant, but I do know that the wonderful senior members carry this club financially and also plough their time and energy into the game's promotion. We also have an excellent coach for adults and children. So we are fortunate, in a sense. However, what half a million could do in this city for tennis, rightly invested, is beyond my imagination. What an indoor centre with two or three courts could do for the city... Unimaginable.  Many villages in Germany have them, why not us?

So please, LTA. Listen to our best proponents of the game. Invest more at club level, at grass roots level. In schools. Get a strategy that engages the nation, and pour into it. As my good book says,
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." (Galatians 6:9)

Please don't stick with the hand you have. Dare to twist.

From a self-deluded wannabe/could've been Wimbledon champion,

Marcus Mosey (Rev'd) "


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