Junior team win the league again
Junior team win the league again
Lancaster Tennis Club's U17 junior  team have won all their eight matches in the U17 Fylde League Division 2 which sees the team promoted as champions to Division One of the Fylde league for next season. 

This is a great performance and well done to all the players, team manager Alan Main and coach Eden Parkinson.  The lads have taken their very good form to the International Youth Games in Aalborg - and a news item about this will appear shortly.


In the photo are all but  two of the Fylde league U17 players. The missing players were: Harry Waddingtonand Oliver MacNeil.

From left to right back: Ronan McGrath, Eden Parkinson(coach), ElliotGardner, Adam Hill and Joseph Hester.

From left to right front: Dan Main, Reuben Orr, Tom Bowe.


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