Junior American tournament
Junior American tournament
Amazingly, given recent dreadful weather, Pat Clelland and her junior team, were able to organise a very successful and enjoyable Junior American tournament on Saturday December 12th.

5 pairs of juniors entered, with one of the pair being designated the 'lady' and hence changing sides. It was a very enjoyable morning of tennis on our new courts.

Tom Bowe and Elliot Gardner beat Dan Main and Reuben Orr 7-5 in the hotly contested final with a high standard of play.

It got quite exciting at 5-5 with parents of the players cheering on their sons!   These players will be part of the U16 junior team which will be in the Fylde Division 1 next year.  All this match practice and winter coaching with Eden Parkinson will prepare them well for the summer match season ahead.

Left to right in the photo are Dan , Reuben, Tom and Elliot.


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