Schedule for court resurfacing
Schedule for court resurfacing
We have now agreed a schedule with the contractors, Thornton Sports, who are resurfacing our courts.   They will start the work from Monday September 14th and they will take 6 weeks (but possibly longer, depending on the weather).

The week before this existing astro turf will be removed and to help to prepare for this there will be a WORKING PARTY TO TIDY UP THE GROUNDS and help to start removing the astro. This will be on Saturday September 5th AND Sunday September 6th and EVERYONE IS INVITED TO COME ALONG and HELP with this important project from 10am - bringing heavy gloves with you please.

SO THE COURTS WILL BE OUT OF ACTION, SORRY, FROM SEPTEMBER 6TH ONWARDS, after the junior tournament is held on September 5th. 

Any queries about the Working Party to organiser Steve on IF YOU CAN help, please let him know 


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