Half term Matchplay
Half term Matchplay
It's been a battle to play outdoors this winter, and well done to our Junior Organiser for organising February half term junior Matchplay and coaching sessions.

On Tuesday Februry 16th, there was a very successful Matchplay event and the results will be recorded on the LTA database.
 Many thanks to Pat and the parent helpers for their hard work and well done to the players for some great rallies and performances.

These were the results:
Dan Main vs Reuben Orr 4-0, 4-1
Andei Tiloi vs Dan Main 4-2; 4-2
Andrei Tiloi vs Reuben Orr 4-1; 4-2
Oliver MacNeil vs Joseph Hester 4-0; 4-2
Oliver MacNeil vs Adam Hill 4-0; 4-2
 Oliver MacNeil vs Ronan McGrath 4-2; 4-2
 Adam Hill vs Joseph Hester 5-3; 5-4
Adam Hill vs Ronan McGrath 4-2; 4-0
Joseph Hester vs Ronan McGrath 4-1; 4-2


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